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    Broken HTML on tech article (garbles entire footer)

      Look at pretty much any of the Oracle tech articles, especially the standard row of links at the bottom. Now take a look at


      and scroll down to the end. The HTML for the bottom of the page is inside the HTML for the comment-feedback box. (Which, amusingly, means there's no way to submit the comments, as the "submit" button is also there...)

      I had wanted to fill out feedback there because all the image links for that article are broken, and the various "Click here for a larger image" links get redirected back to the topmost Java homepage. The upshot is that the article has no visible diagrams or examples at all, which makes following the code a little tricky. :-) Here's hoping that whatever borked the bottom chunk of the page is also what borked the images!

      I tried finding a webmaster-type contact page, but had zero luck. I hope whoever sees this can route the error to the right people.