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    OLT & ADF 11g R2 (

    Yiannis Tsesmelis
      I am evaluating the OLT ADF Module for testing applications developed with JDeveloper/ADF 11g R2.
      Unfortunately, the latest version of JDeveloper/ADF looks like not compatible with OLT release (Openscript Build 238). During the playback I get the error “Failed to solve variable web.framesrc.afrPushIframe using path .//IFRAME[@name='afr::PushIframe']/@src“ even in a very simple “hello world” application.
      Conversely the same project running in JDeveloper/ADF (PS1) works fine.
      In the OpenScript Users’ Guide there is no reference for ADF R2 but only for only for the ADF R1.

      Is the ADF 11g R2 supported in the current release of OLT ?

      Additionally if anyone has any tip for how to use the OLT with ADF R2 PS3 it would be very helpful to share it with me.