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    Inferred Relationship examples

      1. I want to understand the use of Inferred relation with a proper example. I want to understand how exactly to write rules using inferred relationship. Please provide with a simple as well as complex use of inferred relationship.. that will help me understand better.

      2. Can we have inferred relationship between any two entities or it is necessary that both the entity be same...

      3. If both entities are different then why use inferred relationship? What is the benefit?How the attributes can be accessed in such a case?
      Please provide an example on this too..

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          Matt Sevin-Oracle
          There are numerous examples and explanations between the documentation, examples which install with the product and on OTN (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/apps-tech/policy-automation/documentation/index.html). A couple of good starting points are the following topics in the OPM User's Guide (10.4.2): "Define a data model", "Define a relationship" and "Write rules that infer relationships and entities" - it is important to understand the different components of a policy model (also covered in the Oracle University courses on Oracle Policy Modeling).

          To quickly answer a few of your questions:
          - Attributes are associated with an entity not a relationship. Relationships are defined as being between two entities.
          - Inferred relationships can be between any two entities - the entities do not need to be the same.
          - Inferred relationships are used so that relationships can be "inferred" by rules - i.e. if rules dictate when two entities should be related then inferred relationships are necessary.
          For example, determining if a person is considered a member of a household or if a product should be recommended to a person or determining the legal dependents of a person, or determining the preferred replacement products to offer under warranty replacement policies. In other words, there are countless uses and needs for inferred relationships.
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            please provide me some good examples.. the documentation is very poor