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    Android Samsung sqlite no sync, no file deploy

      Hi All,

      I'm running DMS11.2 on Opensuse / Glassfish.
      There are 2 Testpublikations:
      - one with some data
      - one just for *.apk file deploy containg 1 android test app.

      When I create new user with mobile manager and give him access to this publications, neither of the two syncs (no data, no file):
      - download setup.exe from server and run it
      - dmagent is downloaded and executed
      - oracle update is downloaded and executed
      Oracle Update says: ~"..no updates available.."

      What I can see on Mobile Manager after running these steps, android device is registered and access count raises after each update call, but nothing else including no out queue entries.
      Finally I created a win32 sqlite environment and msynced at least the data.

      This Android device is Samsung Note (V4.0.4) not rooted, there is another one Samsung tablet which behaves the same and emulator which at least synces data on the 1rst Publication (both not available to me at the moment )

      Can anyone give me a hint for logs to look at or setup configuration to start?
      Thanks in advance