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    An internal error occurred during: "AppXray Indexing...".

    srikanth vallabhaneni
      What would cause this? I disabled AppXray on all projects in the workspace already.

           at org.eclipse.core.internal.dtree.AbstractDataTreeNode.indexOfChild(AbstractDataTreeNode.java:421)
           at org.eclipse.core.internal.dtree.AbstractDataTreeNode.childAtOrNull(AbstractDataTreeNode.java:207)
           at org.eclipse.core.internal.dtree.DeltaDataTree.lookup(DeltaDataTree.java:666)
           at org.eclipse.core.internal.watson.ElementTree.includes(ElementTree.java:529)
           at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Workspace.getResourceInfo(Workspace.java:1768)
           at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Resource.getResourceInfo(Resource.java:1267)
           at org.eclipse.core.internal.resources.Project.hasNature(Project.java:584)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.JavaProject.hasJavaNature(JavaProject.java:353)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.JavaProject.getEclipsePreferences(JavaProject.java:1483)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.JavaProject.getOption(JavaProject.java:1655)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.ClassFile.validateClassFile(ClassFile.java:617)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.ClassFile.validateExistence(ClassFile.java:824)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.Openable.exists(Openable.java:206)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.ClassFile.existsUsingJarTypeCache(ClassFile.java:218)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.NameLookup.seekTypesInBinaryPackage(NameLookup.java:1018)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.NameLookup.seekTypes(NameLookup.java:986)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.NameLookup.findType(NameLookup.java:778)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.NameLookup.findType(NameLookup.java:662)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.NameLookup.findType(NameLookup.java:816)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.JavaProject.findType(JavaProject.java:1276)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.JavaProject.findType(JavaProject.java:1365)
           at org.eclipse.jdt.internal.core.JavaProject.findType(JavaProject.java:1269)
           at oracle.eclipse.tools.application.common.services.javatypes.JDTDataTypeIntrospector.getJDTType(JDTDataTypeIntrospector.java:363)
           at oracle.eclipse.tools.application.common.services.javatypes.JDTDataTypeIntrospector.getJDTType(JDTDataTypeIntrospector.java:326)
           at oracle.eclipse.tools.application.common.services.javatypes.JDTDataTypeIntrospector.isMap(JDTDataTypeIntrospector.java:169)
           at oracle.eclipse.tools.application.common.services.javatypes.JDTDataTypeIntrospector.isMap(JDTDataTypeIntrospector.java:180)
           at oracle.eclipse.tools.application.common.services.javatypes.JDTDataTypeIntrospector.isMap(JDTDataTypeIntrospector.java:180)
           at oracle.eclipse.tools.application.common.services.javatypes.JDTDataTypeIntrospector.isMap(JDTDataTypeIntrospector.java:180)
           at oracle.eclipse.tools.application.common.services.javatypes.JDTDataTypeIntrospector.isMap(JDTDataTypeIntrospector.java:180)
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          Cameron Bateman-Oracle
          There appears to be an infinitely recursive call in our code while we are trying to check if something is a java.util.Map but the cause is not immediately apparent. Unfortunately, because it is a stack overflow, there doesn't appear to be much context as to where the inbound call is from and this is a fairly common code path in OEPE. I will launch a bug to track.

          How severe is this problem for you? How did you disable AppXRay? What version of OEPE are you on? Could you try restarting OEPE after disabling AppXRay and see if that solves it?

          If you have a project that reliably reproduces this problem that you would be allowed to share with us, it would help us narrow down the problem. I realize this isn't always an option so if you can simply describe your project, i.e. what technologies are in use, how many Java classes you have etc, that might also help us.


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            As Cameron indicated it's difficult to determine the context of the error. Is there more of the stack trace for the StackOverflowError that you can include to help identify where the calls to get the data type are coming from - like the Job or thread process responsible? Any specific configuration or user interactions that repeatedly triggers the error? Thanks.
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              srikanth vallabhaneni
              I get this error when I import the projects into the workspace. I disabled the AppXray in project settings. oracle.eclipse.tools.common.services.prefs under the .settings folder of the project will have the info like this

              These are my eclipse and OEPE versions.
              Eclipse Juno 4.2

              I installed OEPE into eclipse using the dropins and link mechanism. Took the oepe- file, exploded it into C:\oepe-\eclipse, removed the artifacts.jar and content.jar and created a oepe- file pointing to this location (C:/oepe- and dropped it in the dropins folder of eclipse (c:\eclipse\dropins).
              I do this so I do not corrupt the main eclipse installation and I have flexibility to switch different OEPE versions. I always do eclipse.exe -clean -initialize whenever I do this to reset plugin state etc.

              I am going to start eclipse with debug on and see if it provides more info.
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                If this does not solve the problem, i think we need your projects to reproduce the stackoverflow problem on our end. Also, we have found an issue with AppXray disablement on a particular code path in that OEPE release, which might be why you are running into this, even if you disable AppXray. We may be able to send the plugin with the Appxray disablement fix to you and you can verify if it can prevent this problem from occurring. But you sending us the projects is a better approach so that we can address the actual problem.
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                  srikanth vallabhaneni
                  I turned out to be importing eclipse preferences from a preference file in the new workspace. I did not narrow down to what preference in the preference file that caused this.
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                    srikanth vallabhaneni
                    I think this is happening if AppXray is disabled at the project level for all projects in the workspace, but AppXray is enabled at the workspace level and we export the preferences and then in the new workspace re-import the preferences and re-import projects.

                    if you export preferences with AppXray disabled at the workspace level also, it may not be a problem.