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    how to migrate jBASE env. to Oracle DB or NoSQL

      Hello ...

      I have a customer running jBASE and thinking of moving him to use Oracle DB or NoSQL.

      anybody knows how to or specific direction?

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          Regarding NoSQL you'd better repost a similar question in the NoSQL forum: NoSQL Database

          Regarding an Oracle RDBMS there's no migration utility that assist you with the migration from JBase to Oracle. But if there's an ODBC driver you might think about using Database Gateway for ODBC which allows you to link from an Oracle database to JBase and gather the source data from JBase into the Oracle database. Another option would be to unload the JBase data into plain text files and load the content into the Oracle database using SQL*Loader.
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            Junaid Rehman

            Hi Sam,


            Temenos will do the migration. Moving to Oracle DB or any other relational database does not mean that JBASE will be eliminated.

            T24 will still write, read, update and delete the jBASE tables, however a driver will translate these operations to Oracle.

            For example, a write operation will be performed to the jBASE table, the driver will take over, translate the jBASE record to XML and then write the XML string to an Oracle table.

            A read operation will be performed from T24 to jBASE which in turn will go to Oracle, read the record, the result XML will be translated to jBASE format and sent to T24.


            Junaid UR Rehman