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    Possible to Track Java Usage?

      For years now Java has been part of our base image. 10 years ago this was required because most of our applications required it. Now, not so much. With [severe] vulnerabilities popping up frequently, and the amount of time we have to have to spend doing regression testing & piloting deployments, we're [finally] looking to take a different approach.

      'The powers that be' have decided they no longer want Java installed by default, and should instead be installed on an as-needed basis. I'm trying to gather usage statistics, but I don't know if that's even possible; And if it is, I don't know how to do it. I would like to get a feel for how many people in our organization who use Java regularly and what they use it for. (I want to be able to answer the question: 'Who needs to have Java installed?')
      For instance
      our networking & A/V guys need Java to manage some appliances and configure some equipment they have
      users of the USPTO system need Java, and not only that, they need Java 6.x
      There are a very specialized reasons select users need to keep Java, but I'm betting the bulk of the organization doesn't!

      So: Is it possible to enable something on the local workstations that would allow me to track whether Java is being used/accessed, and, what is calling it? (iexplore.exe, chrome, firefox, someapplication.exe etc)

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          I guess the real question is whether you are wanting this information sent to another server or are you saying that you will review each client machine? I don't believe there is anything in the plug-in that is designed to do exactly what you want. However, there are some options which may help if you plan to collect the info directly from the client machine (see below) if you want to determine plug-in usage. Keep in mind that this will only address the plug-in. Applications calling "java" directly are not tracked or logged (at least not by the java installation). In the case of java being called directly, I suspect you would need to write something into your application that would cause a log of some kind.

          Option 1:
          Enable logging (on the Advanced tab of the Java Control Panel). This will create a user unique log that includes dates and times.
          <blockquote>For Vista or newer. the trace and logs will be stored here:

          For XP (and Win2003). the trace and logs will be stored here:
          C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\log</blockquote>
          Option 2:
          Each time the plug-in (JRE) run an applet, the deployment.properties file is touched. The result is that the file date and time will reflect the last time it was used. The only problem with this is that opening the Java Control Panel will do the same thing. This file is located here:
          <blockquote>For Vista or newer. the trace and logs will be stored here:

          For XP (and Win2003). the trace and logs will be stored here:
          C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment</blockquote>
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            Hi Michael Ferrante & Thanks for taking the time to review this.

            I'll take your advice and enable logging. Hopefully I'll be able to figure 'something' out to determine metrics otherwise. Probably enable Auditing on the Java folder.