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    Manage Your Favorites in WebCenter Spaces Link not working


      In our WebCenter Spaces the "Manage your Favorites" links are not working, The other resources seem to work fine including the "My Spaces" link. It happening on all the tempalte, includeding the Default ones, we added "Manage your Favorites" link to a custom tempalte and it still does not work. It work several months ago but know is seem to stop accross the board.

      Here is the code from the Custom template:

      <af:panelGroupLayout id="gtbppgl5" layout="horizontal">
      <wcdc:favoritesMenu id="wcdc5620018925" __taskFlowId="wcdc9673982499" xmlns:wcdc="http://xmlns.oracle.com/webcenter/spaces/taglib" displayType="link" inlineStyle="white-space:nowrap;" styleClass="WCLinkMenu" text="#{uib_o_w_w_r_WebCenter.LABEL_FAVORITES_DESC}" shortDesc="#{uib_o_w_w_r_WebCenter.LABEL_FAVORITES_DESC}"/>

      Anyone have idea of what going on with it?