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    Permissions to manage metric extensions?

      Hello all. I'm looking to grant users the ability to manage OEM metric extensions [http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e24473/metric_extension.htm] without giving them super-administrator access. They're currently under roles setup with:
                - EM_USER
                - PUBLIC
                - connect to any viewable target
                - view any target

      I tried setting up a METRIC_ADMINISTRATOR role:
      setup -> security -> roles

      step 1 of 6 - properties
           click CREATE button
           name: Metric adminstrator
           description: create, manage, edit all metric extensions.
           click next

      step 2 of 6 - Roles:
           click next

      step 3 of 6 - target privileges:
      +     (##picks all HOSTS)+
           under target privileges, click 'add'
                Target Type = Host
                select all the hosts I see
                click SELECT
      +     (## Add the ability to manage metrics for the hosts I just selected)+
           back at the target privileges section, click "Grant to All" button
                select 'manage target metrics' row
                click continue
           back at the target privileges section:     
           click NEXT
      step 4 of 6: EM RESOURCE PRIVILEGES
           select metric extensions row --> click pencil
           create metric extension ON

      step 5 of 6: ADMINISTRATORS
           click NEXT

      step 6 of 6: review
           click FINISH
      After the above steps, it looks like the person granted this role SHOULD be able to create metric extensions. however, the user was not able to actually 'edit' his own metric extension. is anybody familiar with this process able to shed some light on this? have i added enough privs for the user?