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    OBIEE 11 measures

      How does OBIEE handle one-to-many joins in measures? Ex. I have 2 Fact tables (event and participant) where 1 "event" can have 0 or many "participants". When an event has more than 1 participant my measures are inflated.
      so I have a measure in the event fact that gives me a time difference in days. So for 1 event the measure is 5 days. However, this event is tied to 3 particpant fact records. So my "total difference" is reflected as 15 days, when really it is still just 5
      so 5 days is the correct answer, but obiee gives me 15. is there something special we typically do to handle this?

      Please Advise
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          I would say its rpd development issue. To see where its going wrong; I would suggest to write a manual sql query to get 5 and compare the same query with bi generated physical query which results 15.

          That would answer your question.

          Let me know if needed.

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