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    dpadm renew-cert fails while dscc succeeds

      Got a weird one. Been using DPS for many years now. Had to renew SSL certs and wanted to show a colleague how to do it in DPS. So we got the new signed cert back from our CA and went to put it on the box. I put the cert in x.509 format in a local filesystem file and ran the dpadm renew-cert command. Got the following error back:

      keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Failed to establish chain from reply

      So we played around for a couple of days trying to figure out what I did wrong. Everything looked ok. So then just for fun, I decided to add it using the dcss GUI and don't you know it was successful. Since I had kept backups of the cert store, I did this a couple of times just to verify that command line failed while the GUI was ok. Anyone seen this before? I really don't want to say that the GUI is better because I'm old and crusty and I always prefer command line...