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    Solaris 11.1 system recovery

      Hello all!

      Today I made some troubles for myself. And now I want to fix the problem.
      I have amd x64 HP blade, and installed Oracle Solaris 11.1. I was played with veritas sf and his modules, and edited /etc/system with new lines as forceload: ****
      After reboot, and everything is ok, but after that I made mistake and deleted modules, which contents in /etc/system. As result now I have panic cycle.
      As far as I know now I must remake bootarchive and edit /etc/system. But I don't know about how to boot properly in system recovery mode (by live CD or network boot). Far days ago it was SUE toolkit.
      But that days are in past, and I wonder to know what is right methodology today.

      Many thanks!
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          A few comments:

          1. When you play on your system, create a backup BE first, then you can boot from the backup BE by
          selecting it from the GRUB menu.

          If you already have a previous BE, then you can boot from it to recover.

          2. For your current problem, follow the steps here:


          3. Basically, you need to boot from the LiveCD or the network and select the option to drop to a shell.
          Then import the root pool and mount the BE. Then, carefully edit the /etc/system file to remove the
          missing module references.

          Thanks, Cindy
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            Thanks Cindy, i am appreciate this :D !

            1. Boot from LIVECD

            2. Become su
            #su -
            password: "solaris"

            3. Import root pool
            #zpool import rpool

            4. Mounting be in new directory _/be_
            # beadm mount solaris /be
            My boot environment name is "solaris"

            5. Editing _/etc/system_ in _/be_ directory
            #vim /be/etc/system

            6. Update bootarchive
            #bootadm update-archive -R /a

            7. Umount and export pool, or just reboot
            #init 6

            Thats all steps!
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              No need for an alternate boot env or to boot from LiveCD to recover a corrupted /etc/system.

              Boot with the "-a" option. When asked what file to use for /etc/system, use /dev/null.

              From http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23824_01/html/821-2726/gkkvs.html
              x86: How to Modify Boot Parameters at Boot Time

              When you modify the default kernel usage by editing the GRUB menu at boot time, the changes do not persist over a system reboot. The default boot parameters are restored the next time you boot the system.

              Reboot the system.

              When the boot sequence begins, the GRUB main menu is displayed.
              Use the arrow keys to select the boot entry to edit.
              Type e to access the GRUB edit menu.
              Select the kernel$ line in the menu.
              Type e to add boot arguments to the line.
              Type any additional boot arguments.
              Press Return to save your changes and return to the previous menu.

              Note - Pressing the Escape key returns you to the GRUB main menu without saving your changes.
              To boot the system, type b.

              Changes you make take effect when the system is booted.
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                Thanks for the reminder.

                Sometimes I get caught up in the new way and forget about the old (but easier) way.