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    Constantly getting error 503 on FDM and HFM


      We are new user, using version Every time there are major processes that required a lot of resources (e.g consolidation, multiple load, multiple processes), our FDM/HFM server
      server will spit out 503 error. It will lock the user and eventually kick them out of the system. We suspect there are something in the setting/configuration so that we can maximize the parallel processes better. We are not sure if this is the real issue. Our server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition.
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          I would recommend going through the logs as a starting point. Check the Windows Event logs, HFM event log, ODL logs, etc. You could also fire up performance monitor to monitor key activity (memory utilization, CPU, locks, etc.)

          HTTP 503 I believe is 'Internal Server Error' which would be a server error encountered executing the web application code. Is 'everything' breaking or only specific pieces of functionality? You mentioned HFM and FDM; however, is workspace and shared services broken as well? The 503 error implies the web side of things is down; however, what happens when you use the HFM client program or FDM Workspace client?

          Without knowing a lot more about your environment, it would be very difficult to effectively troubleshoot this. Initial thought is that the server(s) you are using do not meet the minimum requirements for the application/users you have.

          If you go to the document repository for 11.2.2 documentation library, you can find a lot of information in regards to deployment and troubleshooting. (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/nav/portal_1.htm)

          If this is a critical, time-sensitive issue, you may need to reach out to Oracle or one of the 3rd party consulting companies to get this resolved. Trying to figure this out over forum posts may not be the most effective way to fix this.
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            Nicholas King
            The error can be just about anything without looking at the logs - but this seems "load based"..
            Try bumping up your heap sizes for all web apps to at least -xmx=1024m and -mxs=1024m

            Specifically check:
            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Hyperion Solutions\FMWebServices0 as HFM is now a WebLogic application