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    OID server to replace TNSNAMES.ora

      Can somebody Please provide the step by step documentation of how to use OID server o replace tnsnames.ora?

      Also, please provide step by step installation of 11g and 10g installation and configure guide? I will really appreciate that.
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          OID/LDAP installation and configuration involves support from multiple Oracle Support groups
          and requires a separate Service Request(SR) for the respective area of support. To answer your
          general consultative questions, I recommend your review the following My Oracle Support notes.
          These articles provide general information as an alternative option for using OID/LDAP adapters
          and a central repository to replace TNSNAMES. Once you start the OID/LDAP installation and
          and configuration process, you can address specific questions with the respective group of support.

          Doc ID 217270.1 - Directory Naming Migration (Oracle OpenWorld Presentation)
          Doc ID 314389.1 - How To Start OracleAS 10g Infrastructure
          Doc ID 201234.1 - Quick Check for OID/LDAP Operation
          Doc ID 120717.1 - LDAP Naming: Adding TNS Service Names to an OID
          Doc ID 120723.1 - Net*8 LDAP Naming: Adding TNS Service Names from Oracle Names into OID

          Starting with Fusion MIddleware(FMW) 11g there is not infrastructure anymore. The database is
          created in a standalone home, after that you use RCU (in 10g MRCA) and install FMW
          Identity Management.

          Doc ID 1073206.1 - Upgrade Planning for Fusion Middleware 11g - FAQ
          Doc ID 1346624.2 - Information Center: Oracle Internet Directory 11g and later
          Doc ID 340.1 - Install and Configure Advisor: Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) Identity Access Management (OAM, OIM) 11g
          Doc ID 262.1 - Upgrade Advisor: Oracle Fusion Middleware (FMW) Portal from 10g to 11gR1
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            What are the licenses required to use OID in this context, to replace tnsnames.ora?