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    Copy paste from one server to other


      I have just thought of using the installation of EPM in one server, and copying the file system after installation to other server.

      Like to know if it is possible.

      Idea is to

      1. perform a complete installation in Server A.
      2. Using the option of file system level backup (IBM TSM option).
      3. Load the data from the Backup to Server B, Now server B will have all file system as Server A. (Both servers have the same name)

      Can I now use server B to perform all the activities as in Server A, without any changes/configuration?

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          Nicholas King
          on page 23

          There are generally 3 ways to do this, described in the doc, you are describing option 1 where they are on separate networks with the same names:

          Host Name Requirements
          An EPM System Disaster Recovery deployment requires a means of resolving host references
          between the production and standby sites. Ensure that your configuration uses one of these
          options, listed in order of preference:
          - Production and standby sites are on separate networks. The fully qualified host names can be the same in both sites.
          - Production and standby sites have different DNS that resolve the host names to the correct IP address in their network.
          The standby site can have a standby DNS that is activated when a disaster occurs.
          - Production host names are resolved to a local IP address at the standby site by means of an /etc/hosts file.

          If you have separate networks in that the two servers have the same name but are completely segregated and everything including the database server is the same then yes, you are describing the first DR scenario. I would recommend the hosts file option as it would ensure the hosts always resolve to what you expect.

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            Thanks Nick!!