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    IB Messages from AE - Stuck in NEW status.

      Hi All,

      I met a situation like below:

      I recently worked on a requirement where my custom IB message was creating data XML files. Now the files were created 2 ways,

      1. When a change is made in the Job Opening page it will create the data XML file and publish it. That works fine and the message is published with DONE status and the File is created.

      2. I created an AE that would basically create the data files for all of those that match the Do Select criteria.

      In the 2nd the AE runs successfully but in Message Monitor when I check, all the Messages are in NEW status.

      Now here is the catch, The next time when a message is published from online JO page all the messages are posted as DONE and the files are created(including the earlier ones that were stuck in NEW status).

      But till the time a message is published from the online JO page the messages published by the AE are always stuck in NEW status.

      Have you come across anything like this..? Are there any pre-requisites when publishing a IB message from AE..??

      I checked the Error Log and Msglog and nothing is posted. No entry is made when they are in NEW status. The log entries are made only after the Messages are posted.

      We are in tools 8.52

      Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Please folks need your help.
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          Check to see if you have prior messages stuck in NEW status. If you have older messages in NEW status, resubmit and validate it ran to completion. Otherwise, you can purge all message queue by running appmsgpurgeall.dms script and resubmit your message.

          Hope that helps.

          - Anygma
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            Ben Condol
            Check the following. Make sure all config and setup including security (user to invoke services) are ok. This include deleting and recreating routings. If these are ok, then check if no previous message(s) are stuck in error or new. Ask your admin to tickle the domain, meaning to activate, inactivate, refresh domain online. Still stuck? Ask admin to bounce pub/sub broker. Still stuck? Check the error log.html or message.html - ask admin to set logfence parameter to 5. Still stuck? Check your integrating party is up. Last resort is bounce all servers to sync up. Then try again.
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              Thanks folks for input.

              Can't know clearly mechanism of integration broker handler prcoess.
              I just restart the APP server, then it's done....
              Can someone tell why?

              Thank you.
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                This usually used to happen to me when messages from hr which was being published were not reflected in fiinance...

                I used to bounce PUBSUB server using tmadmin command line..

                Also sometime manually used to restart the message in IB..
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