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    error OGG-01033


      I am using

      extract paramfile r:\V34016-01\dirprm\abc.prm reportfile r:\V34016-01\dirrpt\abc.rpt
      from "command prompt" on windows server 2008 and sqlserver 2005 , oracle 11g express r2, ogg for sqlserver V34016-01.
      about configuration of parm files and globles they all have minium configuration. except globles has USEANSISQLQUOTES on oracle side.
      which few managers on both side.

      after processiong bunch of table let us say 100 it gives following error

      ERROR OGG-01033 There is a problem in network communication, a remote file problem, encryption keys for target and source do not match (if using ENCRYPT) or an unknown error. (Remote file used is b:\ogg112101_ggs_Windows_x86_ora11g_32bit\dirdat\abc, reply received is Error 0 (The operation completed successfully.) getting position in b:\ogg112101_ggs_Windows_x86_ora11g_32bit\dirdat\abc).

      after that i dived my tables into two bunch , that is i transfered 70 table then gain 70 tables then it transfered it with out error.

      please tel me what could be the problem.

      yours sincerely

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          Jinyu Wang-Oracle
          1. Can you check this solution in this doc:
          ID 1364965.1 GoldenGate Pump Abended and Can Not be Restarted Due to Locked Remote Trail

          2. If #1 doesn't work, can you provide the extract parameter file content.
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            Often this error happens because the OGG manager process is not running on the remote host (RMTHOST) or the port specified is incorrect (or you used PORT instead of MGRPORT in the extract parameter file). Prior to the ERROR you should see 12 evenly spaced warnings indicating it cannot connect.

            Good luck,
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              it is transfering data when i reduce the number of tables.
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                please tel me where can i see the above said id.
                is it free or paid.

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                  Annamalai A

                  If you want to download or read the oracle solution documents , you need MOS (MY ORACLE SUPPORT) credentials.


                  are you stil facing the same issue? did you reconfigure the pump process with different trail file name?
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                    Jinyu Wang-Oracle
                    Have you resloved this? If not, try this:

                    Add TIMEOUT parameter to the pump parameter file so that the remote collector process can automatically shut down and release the trail file.

                    1. Change your pump parameter file and add the TIMEOUT parameter

                    RMTHOST srv-max-db, MGRPORT 7809 TIMEOUT 120

                    The timeout value should match your autorestart delay in the manager parameter file.

                    2. Restart the pump