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    How to Getting Page X/Y in rtf and print 'no data found' if no record


      I'm newbie for rtf and xml so I really need some help.

      I got 2 problem in my report

      1. page number
      I want to reset total page in every ID group like

      ID : 001 P.1/2, P.2/2
      ID : 002 P.1/1
      ID : 003 P.1/2, P.2/2

      but my report will be
      ID : 001 P.1/5, P.2/5
      ID : 002 P.1/5
      ID : 003 P.1/5, P.2/5

      I've tried for numpage and sectionpage but not work but if use PDF for output that's correct not work for rtf only.

      2. message when returning no rows
      I want to print "No Data Found" when report return no rows
      also this thread Re: How to print "there is not data found for this report" in a XML report and https://blogs.oracle.com/xmlpublisher/entry/no_data_found
      not work for me.

      please help me.
      many thanks in advance for your great help and really sorry if my english is poor.