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    Installing Endeca..?

    Vishnu Bovilla
      Hi All,

      I'm trying to deploy the CS given with ATG 10.1.2 version.. for that do i need to Endeca separately again..? That is, so far i installed ATG, CRS ..? Which software to be installed if Endeca is to be installed..?

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          Hi Vishnu,

          1. If you are configuring CRS on ATG 10.1.2 , then you are forced to use Endeca Search. You dont need to select Endeca as a separate product during your CRS configuration. ( i.e when u r using CIM Configuration).
          2.You need to have an Endeca instance in order to integrate CRS-Endeca.

          These are the required software for Endeca:
          1. MDEX Engine.(required)
          2. Platform Services.(required)
          3. Tools and Frameworks.(required)
          4. Content Acquisition System (CAS).(required)
          5. Developer Studio. (Optional)

          keep posting..

          -Sumanth Kethe