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    WF process does not finish the current execution

      I have a wf policy that execute a workflow, this wf has 4 steps, the start and the end ones (the first and the last), and the second is a BS about create an activity (let's call A) and the third one is a BS that just update a field in another BC (let's call B)
      The A process has a one input argument and 2 output one: error code and error msg; and the B one has only one input argument, no output one was defined.
      The thing is that when the wf is executed, begins with the "start" (ok) and the second step is ths BS, here is the problem, this step never finish, the B process is not exceuted, of course the End step either, the WF is in "In execution" status for ever and ever! and all the instances are in the same status.

      What can be happening in order to the WF does not finish properly?

      Thanks for your replay!