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    datetime implicit conversion error in DB2


      We have DB2 as source db wherein an infa job is throwing query somewhat like

      SELECT * FROM D2UHW03.PS_JOB WHERE EFFDT <='$$$SessStartTime'; -- Infa server variable

      which in runtime returns as below

      SELECT * FROM D2UHW03.PS_JOB WHERE EFFDT <='2013-01-15-13.25.37';

      EFFDT is a date('2013-01-15') column in source(DB2) and DB2 throws out of range error while implicitly converting datetime ('2013-01-15-13.25.37') to date

      Is there any way where some parameter can be set in DB2 so that it is able to implicitly convert ('2013-01-15-13.25.37') to date ?