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    previewing images in forms 11g from the server

      Hi All,
      i need your help in this issue please
      i've just migrated my application from forms 6i to forms 11g
      there is a function in my application that i used that previewed images that exists on a network drive that are used in an image gallary
      now i don't have this setup as the application is hosted on the weblogic server
      i want an alternative method that i can use to preview the images from the server

      the old way was:
      read_image_file('.\default_image.jpg','any','preview.image_preview'); --this shows a default image if no image was selected
      if :search_results.file_path is not null then     
           read_image_file(:preview.image_path||'\'||:search_results.file_path,'any','preview.image_preview');     -- this shows the image that we retreived it's name from the database but it exists on the file system
      end if;

      i've configured the webutil but i don't know what method to use

      also another functionality that i lost in the migration is opening a browser window to preview the final article that the editor entered using my application

      the old way was:
           url varchar2(1000);
      WIN_API_SHELL.WinExec('"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE" '||url||'',

      Exception when NO_DATA_FOUND then

      now ithe WIN_API_SHELL is not working as i'm on the server side and i don't know the alternative

      please advice