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    Cannot view table list, nor execute large queries


      We recently moved our database into a hosted environment (and migrated from 10g to 11g), since doing this, on one of our schemas, I can no longer get a list of tables, nor can I execute any queries where the resulting dataset is more than a few rows.

      Running same queries on the database directly is fine. The data set isn't particular large, and both sides of the infrastructure are decent sized internet links. Querying our existing MySQL tables via a separate ID does not have this same problem.

      We can also list tables from other Oracle Schemas.

      We have found that if we use a filter on the table list, we can get some results. We have about 370 tables in this schema.

      Has anyone else experienced this before? Anyone have any great ideas on how to fix? Could it be database configuration in anyway?

      Thanks in advance!
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          What happens when you try to execute queries and view the tables - do you get an error message?

          Can you try the directions here and look to see if any exceptions are logged when you attempt those tasks?

          Share your findings here.
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            Hey - The only response we see is;

            Exception in thread "InsightThread" java.lang.IllegalMonitorStateException
            at java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock$Sync.tryRelease(ReentrantLock.java:127)
            at java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer.release(AbstractQueuedSynchronizer.java:1239)
            at java.util.concurrent.locks.ReentrantLock.unlock(ReentrantLock.java:431)
            at oracle.dbtools.raptor.insight.SynonymsCache.getTable(SynonymsCache.java:82)
            at oracle.dbtools.raptor.insight.InsightableOracleDatabase.prepareColumns(InsightableOracleDatabase.java:313)
            at oracle.dbtools.raptor.insight.CompletionInsight.complete(CompletionInsight.java:731)
            at oracle.dbtools.raptor.insight.CompletionInsight$InsightThread.run(CompletionInsight.java:504)
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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              Not sure if we have enough to log a bug -- it looks like we are trying to release a lock and that is failing. Broken connection?

              Anyway, as a workaround, you might try disabling code Completion Insight:
              Tools -> Preferences -> Code Editor -> Completion Insight
              SQL Developer Team