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    ADF mobile GeoCode Converter


      I am new to oracle ADF. In Oracle ADF mobile library how to find country and state from longitude and latitude.

      In android we can achieve this functionality by using the below code. I am looking how we can achieve the same functionality using ADF library.

                ArrayList<Address>      addresses = (ArrayList<Address>) new Geocoder(context,
                               Double.parseDouble(latitude), 1);

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          Kamaal, Saif Kamaal
          Chk this : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25054_01/web.1111/b31973/dv_map.htm

          Always mention the Jdev version
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            This URL provide the MAP. I required the list of Address for a particular latitude and longitude.
            I will be helpful if i will get a sample code.

            I am using JDEVADF_11.
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              Joe Huang-Oracle

              One way is to use Google - Google has a Geo-coding REST service that you can leverage that returns address based on lat/longitude. What you would do is to treat it like a JSON data service (there is a new blog article on blogs.oracle.com/mobile on consuming JSON data services). In other word, create a URL connection to the Google Geolocation service. You would then need to write Java code to call the Google Geolocation service by using RESTServiceAdapter APIs. You can pass in the lat/longitude to the Google Geolocation JSON API, and it would return you an address.

              Let us know if this is not sufficient - we will try to create a sample if needed.


              Joe Huang
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                Hi Joe ,
                Thank you very much for your quick reply.

                I am new to ADF . It will be very much helpful if you can provide me a sample code for this.As a beginner its tough time for me to get this functionality.

                Also please confirm we have to use the below Geo-coding REST service for this?