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    11g Development at Client's PC !

    bhatt t
      Hi everyone,

      I have setup/install 11g database,forms/report and Weblogic server on one of main PC of network. Its fine.

      Now I want Development (Forms/Reports) at other network's PC instead of main PC. I have installed only Java on this pc. Is there any requirement of other installations also ? Because I want to make my main PC free maximum time.

      Earlier, in form 6i application, same was possbile by installing Forms/Reports on client's machine.

      Kindlyl guide me for 11g.

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          Christian Erlinger
          If you want to develop forms you need to install the developer suite, as otherwise you won't have forms builder. This is no different from forms 6i. As for the runtime there is only a browser and a JRE required on the client running your forms application.

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            bhatt t
            Thanks Christian,

            One Confusion ! Can only Forms 11gr2 installed on a PC without making Weblogic Server ?

            Kindly give me link for 11g developer suite.

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              Christian Erlinger
              For 11gR2 you still would ned weblogic. You have an additional install option for development in 11gR2 which resembles the 10gR2 developer suite mostly. But there is no seperate install bundle for that anymore.

              Downloads can be found here:

              Certification and Installation prerequisites can be found here:


              e.g. for (11gR2)

              and for (11gR2 with the first patchset which can be obtained via oracle support)