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    'Could not create' and 'Fatal exception' while installing Java

      Win7 64bit
      latest Firefox
      Java 7.10 64 and 32 bit

      Since weeks i have the following problem. Every time i want to install Java (62 or 64 bit), after the installation progress bar reached 100% and the windows closes i get 2 error messages, both containing the errors:

      'Could not create Java Virtual Machine' and
      'Fatal exception occured. Program will exit'

      After closing both error messages i get the 'Installation successful' screen of Java again.

      However, if i start firefox and go to a page requiring java (the official testing page for example), firefox freezes until i kill the process manually.

      So far i reinstalled Java repeatedly, cleaning every trace of it on my system before doing so, including entrys in the microsoft uninstall wizard and the registry entrys, as described here:
      search for "java"
      delete entrys+

      what is the programms problem??

      edit: i cant acess java from the windows control panel either, i get the same error messages

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          Unfortunately your installation is in a certain state of disrepair. There are a few things you can try to clean it up (manually poking in the registry is not advised):

          - use the free third-party JavaRA tool you can find through Google, to remove any lingering Java muck
          - try this MS tool which is for help with broken windows installer installations:


          People have had successes with either of them, but not at all times I'm afraid.
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            ugh, that was what i am afraid of...

            i will try the stuff you suggested and give feedback
            thank you!
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              well, nothing helped..
              guess it will have to wait for the next system formation

              thanks anyway
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                Yeah, sorry that Microsoft builds such easy to break and hard to fix operating systems. Its quite an easy repair on a Linux and MacOS environment I can tell you :/
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                  I don't know that I'll be able to offer up any useful advice but here goes...

                  Can you enable extra verbose logging as part of the installation & post the results here or on pastebin.com?
                  jre-7u11-windows-i586.exe /l*vx c:\JavaInstall.log
                  (feel free to adjust the log path to a more suitable location)

                  All of our users are local admins and tend to install whatever. This leads to a messy environment and we don't always know which version of Java is installed. So, to address that, I created a small script that scours 'HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall' for Java entries, reads the uninstall string then runs the reported uninstall string. The assumption here is that the uninstall string will be an MSI command. (All the machines & versions of Java used the same format.)

                  This is a Windows 7 Enterprise (32-bit) environment, but the script also works on 64-bit installations of Windows 7 Enterprise.

                  I've tested this with 7u11 and went as far back as 6u21. It should work with just about any version that uses MSI for uninstalling.
                  @echo off
                  setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
                  echo. & echo Checking for Obsolete Versions of Java...
                  for /f "usebackq tokens=*" %%a in (`reg query HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall`) do (
                       rem echo a is %%a
                       for /f "usebackq tokens=2*" %%b in (`reg query "%%a" /v DisplayName 2^>nul ^| find /i "java"`) do (
                            rem echo b is %%b
                            rem echo c is %%c
                            for /f "usebackq tokens=3,4" %%d in (`reg query "%%a" /v UninstallString 2^>nul`) do (
                                 echo.     Removing %%c
                                 rem echo d is %%d
                                 rem echo e is %%e
                                 set uninstallcmd=%%e
                                 set uninstallcmd=!uninstallcmd:^/I=^/X!
                                 rem %%d %%e /qb-
                                 %%d !uninstallcmd! /qb-
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                    thanks for reviving the thread :)

                    here is what i did now.
                    1)uninstalled java
                    2)run JavaRA, deleted everything
                    3)run the microsoft program that was suggested
                    4)run the .bat to check for old versions (it just showed the "checking for obsolete...." text and quit)
                    5)installed java7u11 and logged installation (error messages appeared)

                    hope you can read something from it, i have no idea what all this means ;)

                    [LOG file|http://pastebin.com/bJNs3JSH]

                    edit since link did not work
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                      When the script says 'checking for obsolete' its cycling through the registry. If there are no results, it simply quits. So it looks like Java was removed via the methods you took :)

                      Unless I'm being silly, I'm not seeing any error messages in that log. Can you try creating a log file Oracle's way?
                      From http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/webnotes/install/windows/jre-installer-options.html#creating
                      Creating a Log File
                      Use a log file to verify if an installation succeeded. To create a log file describing the installation, append /L C:\<path>setup.log to the install command and scroll to the end of the log file to verify.
                      The following is an example of creating a log file:
                      jre-7-windows-i586.exe /s /L C:\<path>setup.log
                      The prior command causes the log to be written to the setup.log file.
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                        this is weird..

                        when i was doing the first report (my last post) i got a "normal" installation (with the error messages and not functional, but otherwise normal).

                        when im doing the oracles log file (your last post) i dont even get the installation wizard. just the error messages two times, then nothing.
                        however, there is still a logfile created in which it states that the installtion was successful. also java seems to be installed (but again not working).

                        here is the logfile, its german so wont be of much use probably. if you need any other information let me know.


                        btw: look at the time at the start and at the end. java got installed in 16 seconds! i get the feeling no matter what i do i am not really deinstalling it in the first place
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                          Sorry - in my last post I copied & pasted directly from the Oracle page which includes the 'silent' switch (/s). Take that our and re-run the install with just the /L switch and the path to the log file.