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ICEBrowser doesn't show any content when using Nimbus LookAndFeel

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After switching the look and feel to Nimbus in ICEBrowser (Options->Change Look and Feel...) no content appears. A NullPointerException occurs in the console (see below).
If switching back to any other look and feel the browser shows the content again.

The same happens if we extend the demo class to support Nimbus Look and Feel and open a demo help project.

Since we are using Nimbus L&F in our application, using OHJ is not possible.

We would be very thankful for any ideas to resolve this issue or to find any workaround.

We've started he example (ICEdemo) in debug mode (-Dice.debug.debug=true), then the following stacktrace will be thrown )after the L&F has been switched):
EXCEPTION: java.lang.NullPointerException
at ice.pilots.html4.CSSLayout.updateSelectionColors(
at ice.pilots.html4.CSSLayout.do_layout(
at ice.pilots.html4.CSSLayout.layout(
at ice.pilots.html4.DocPaneXml.docLayout(
at ice.pilots.html4.swing.DocPanel.doLayout(
at ice.pilots.html4.swing.DocPanel.doLayout(
at java.awt.Container.validateTree(
at java.awt.Container.validateTree(
at ice.pilots.html4.swing.PanePanel.validateTree(



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