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    Enforcing attachment to process level not working

      I am trying to attach attachments (doc, pdf etc) at process level from task form but it goes to task level some how. I was able to verify that by looking into WFATTACHMENT table.

      UI side
      <af:selectOneRadio value="#{bindings.attachmentScope.inputValue}"

      I am making sure attachmentscope is going as 'BPM' not 'TASK' by binding to my own managed bean and set scope to process level.
      This is working because if I do URL instead of desktop file then URL attaches to process level. I verified this too by looking into WFATTACHMENT table.

      So not sure why
      addAttachmentBean.uploadFile no matter what attaches pdf, doc etc attachment to task level and also notices that WFATTACHMENT table has row for this record with taskID as something like f76a60ad-53f2-40dc-ac75-af53d64854e4 instead of taskID as process instance Id like 4000001.

      I am using Oracle BPM PS5.

      Attaching URL to process level from a task is working but from the same task attaching real doucment to process level goes to task level.
      I am not using UCM.

      I really appreciate any inside.
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          Finally, I was able to solve this issue.
          Project was migrated from Oracle BPM PS4 to Oracle BPM PS5 so some how human tasks created in earlier version were not working in new version for new functionalities (adding attachment to process level). When I deleted these human tasks and recreated in newer version. Everything started working great.
          I am not sure it is Oracle bug issue or what....