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    Microphone and camera support roadmap?


      I've been working on a design project at my university and we'd love to use Java FX.
      However, we need microphone support, and preferably camera as well.

      I know it's not supported right now, but will this be supported in the future?
      When would this be?

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          This is the related issue tracker: http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-3458 "Camera and Microphone"

          It is scheduled for Lombard with the initial Java 8/JavaFX 8 release (which has general availability in September, 2013).
          I don't think there have been no check-ins related to it on the JavaFX 8 branch, so (IMO) there is high probability that the feature will be cut from the JavaFX 8 branch.

          In the meantime there is a sample open source project which integrates JavaFX and the LTI-Civil video capture library, which you could try if you wished:
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            Unfortunately that feature won't make it on JDK 8/JavaFX 8