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    Configuring precedence rules in a combined ATG / Endeca environment

    Soren Lloyd-Oracle
      I am looking to setup precedence rules in a combined ATG / Endeca (latest release) environment.

      The ATG / Endeca integration guide does not mention precedence rules.


      I need to be able to configure that a certain dimension only appears when a certain top level category in an ATG catalog is selected.

      Obviously I know where this would be done in traditional endeca and I would imagine the CRS_en_prules record store is involved in the interaction but I am not clear on what ATG Component or definition file would be used to configure this.

      Can anyone help me with this?

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          Soren Lloyd-Oracle
          I went on to do some tests and found two options to add them in from the Endeca side.

          1 - Add an override file.

          Create the api_input directory in your config directory. Create a file called precedence_rules.csv and add your rules in there. This is documented in page 12 of


          2 - Inject a precedence rule into the <app_name>enprules record store

          The discover-data-cas project ships with a script called index_config_cmd.sh. Copy it and the necessary jar files to your project and you can insert a JSON file containing your rules with the following command.

          ./index_config_cmd.sh set-config -f precedence_rule_test.json

          You can check the current set with the following command

          ./index_config_cmd.sh get-config -t precedenceRules

          I was worried that these may be clobbered next time I ran a baseline update from the ProductCatalogSimpleIndexingAdmin module but it was not.

          This option is documented in Chapter 4 of