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    Global and Tp Attributes

      Hello Friends,

      I need to store some additional information in the DFF of OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL.

      The problem is that, all the columns from attribute1 to attribute20 have already been used. It has been observed that, there are some TPATTRIBUTES 1 to 15 as well as Global attributes.

      Only thing which I understood is, TP and Global attributes are used for country specific and localizaiton purposes, however since we are not using Trading partner, and these columns are free.. Is it feasible (without any impact) to use them? and in that case, Will the form of Sales Order show these additional DFFs?

      I tried to check, however Global attribute DFF was not found on the form , for TP attributes, it was found but was covered by field Order Source .. Any suggestions?

      Best Regards