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    Clicking column headers breaks Interactive Report

      I have an application with an Interactive Report that is a bit slow. Clicking on the column headers to filter and re-sort can take 5-6 seconds. One of my users complained today that if you click on one of the headers, realize you'd made a mistake, and click on the another, the page "froze" and never finished refreshing.

      It turns out that if you start an IR sorting and then click on a different column heading before the IR has had a chance to finish refreshing, a Javascript error is thrown. Because of the Javascript error, the spinning wait icon (does that thing have a name?) never goes away and the IR is unresponsive to further interaction.

      In debug mode, I've tracked this down to $u_eval in apex_4_2.js. Normally, the parameter to $u_eval looks like "({"dialog":{"id":"9559702428861475398","hide":["apexir_info"... (including quotes). In other words, I think it's basically a JSON string. When clicking around rapidly, I think the parameter to $u_eval looks more like this: "(<div id="apexir_TOOLBAR_OPEN" class="apexir_TOOLBAR_OPEN">... This causes the call to eval() to throw an error.

      I've managed to replicated this at http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=58074:1