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    Verification of steps to convert Single Node to RAC

      Hi Forum
      I have a single node Oracle E-Biz 12.1.3 Installation.
      We plan to convert this to a dual node RAC install and I wanted to run by the steps to perform this AND clone over the current production system to the new RAC system

      (note this will not be using ASM - but will be based on NetApp NFS)

      1. Install GRID
      - installed acorss two nodes, Binaries can be shared
      - voting disks / cluster rigistry MUST be shared
      2. Install Database Software for RAC
      - Binaries cannot be shared and must be installed on each node independently
      3. Configure the GRID for database (database / listeners)
      4. Clone over the stand alone system (clone database as RAC)

      I will be using SCAN - and therefore would expect all the web services / concurrent manager nodes to point to the SCAN hostname as opposed to individual host names,

      Are there any decent technical notes out there that will help please?
      Is there any HUGE miss I have made here

      Thanks in anticipation