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    BTM not updating fault count (still 0) for asynchronous or one way services

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I have installed BTM and working on this only. After discovery of all the services I created one transaction on a sysnchronous service and enabled fault monitoring. I created this transaction with message loggigng enabled. Now all the iinformation is populating correctly in BTM also any faults are getting recognized by BTM but in case of asychronous or one-way services this is not happening. I created transactions for asynchronous and one-way services in the same way as I created for synchronous service. I enabled message logging and fault monitoring for the transaction. But for these services(asynchronous and one-way) BTMis not recognizing any fault whoch is happening for the services. The fault count is showing *0* in explorer-->services to end points--><service_name> Summary tab.

      Can anyone please tell me what can be the issue?

      Thanks in Advance!!