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    Payload information for a service is not avaialable in BTM

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I am working on BTM I have installed BTM and all my services are getting discovered when I am sending some traffic to them. When I select the particular service in Explorer-->Services to Endpoints I get an entry of my service. When I click on the service I get the details displayed in the lower pane. In the lower pane there is a tab Message Log. When I click on the Message Log tab I get the transactions with the ECID and when I click the search icon(magnifying glass) for a particular row I am not getting any request or response xml but I am getting an information *"no content captured".

      For this I guess I have to create transaction first. So I wanted to create a transaction with Message content logging on selected operation enabled. But when I check this checkbox it asks me to select atleast one operation. Here I am not understanding that from where I can select an operation. Just below this property there is a table but this table is not enabled also it contains nothing. Should this table needs to be populated and we have to select an operation from this table and then check the property? But why this table is not enabled( its is faded) and most importatnly contains nothing.

      Can anyone please tell me what can be the issue. Why I am getting this message and not the payload information.

      Thanks in Advance!!

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