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    HTML Tags escape while exporting to PDF

      Hi friends,

      I have two columns in my BI report like

      Business Group(BG) and OU

      Since in the BG column under the edit formula i used the html tags to show each and every BG column value in bold like below
      '<b>' || "D1.Company"."Business Group Full Name" || '</b>'
      Now the report is appearing fine in answers and dashboard but when i export the same report to PDF i can see the html tags in each and every name of the BG group.

      Is there anything to be done to escape these html tags in PDF while exporting.

      And also if we give the tooltip for the numeric columns like below under the column properties-->Data format-->Custom like
      [html]<p title=\""Employee Count" \">#
      And after that if i tried to escape the same report with the tooltip on the numeric column to pdf means, the number values are missing for the entire column in the PDF, but this case is not appearing while exporting the report to pdf if i set the tooltip to the text column, as the values is missing only for the tooltip of the numeric column. What could be the fix for this problem.