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    Adding APEX as Application Layer on my Current Application

      Hi All
      I'm starting to explore APEX as a development platform. I have an application using packages and tables for the business logic.
      Currently it was working within EBS using forms.
      I now want to move this to APEX basically changing the application layer from forms to APEX.
      The packages work for all the Creation, Updating and Deleting. There are also views.
      From what I have been playing around with I am looking at this approach and would like input as to if its viable.
      I need a report that behaves like a form. This will be based on a view to bring data.
      From this report form the user will be able to update the data and if he want to insert it should open a new line.
      All the validation I want the package to do as well as the inserting and updating.

      So is there a best way of doing this and also does anyone have any suggestions as to how.
      Would I create a blank page and build it from the ground up for each form or maybe start with either a form or report page and then customize it.


      APEX 4.2
      Oracle 11g2