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    Filtering the data

      Hi ,

      can anyone help on this below requirment, ? the requirment is , there is one to many(2) replication (oracle to oracle only) , the particular source database tables having all 2 regions data (UK and NZ) , the replication should be from source to first target with only UK datas and scond target will be with NZ data. how easy method we can use to achive this, the table has the column 'region_name' . but when i use below filter command , its not filtering caps letter as region name , only its filtering as we mentioned in the filter condition , how to filter if the region name both caps (UK)are small letters(uk), ?

      TABLE SRC.ACCOUNTS,FILTER (@STRFIND (region_name, "uk") > 0);

      the same tried with where clause and Filter clause also, but its not replication region name as UK (caps), only replicating data with 'uk'.

      also advice where we have to mention the filter conditons extract side or replicat side to get better performance?

      Thanks in advance.