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    Dynamic action not firing after navigating to next report page

    Rene W.
      I have a report and I want to show some further details about a record when the mouse hovers over a specific area.
      This works but only on the first page of de report. After navigating to the second report page the dynamic action does not fire.
      After a page refresh the dynamic action fires again.

      Here is an example on apex.oracle.com.


      When you point the mouse to the (i) image a "test" alert appears. Navigate to report page 2 and nothing happens.

      What I've done:

      Create a public page with a classic report with query:
      '<img class="abstract" src="/i/menu/blue_info_16x16.gif"/>' as "ID"
      Create a dynamic action.
      On mouse enter
      jquery selector : .abstract
      action: alert('Test')

      Is this a bug or is there a different approach to this?