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    identify the regions where the checkbox is checked

      Hi All,
      I've a page which contains 3 report regions each one with a checkbox column. User has the flexibility to select any/all rows from each region and I need to store the selected rows into a database table.
      I've created the below process to insert the data into the table.

      FOR i in 1..APEX_APPLICATION.G_F01.count
      insert into table_name (c1,c2,c3) values (v1, APEX_APPLICATION.G_F01(i),v3);
      END LOOP;

      The process is executing well and inserting the data into the table. But the problem is when the user select rows from different regions, I get all rows inserted into the tables but I'm not able to identify which row is selected in which region. Is there any way to identify the region from where the row is checked.

      Thanks in advance for the help.