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    Spatial Index- Rtree Indexing


      I have a spatial table. i have created index. If I keep on inserting data in my table do i need to rebuilt the index or is the data automatically indexed?
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          John O'Toole
          Hi 951616,

          Yes, of course the RTree index is maintained automatically as you insert/update/delete the sdo_geometry contents of the table.

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            Stefan Jager
            Hi 951616,

            Now this is interesting. Originally I was going to say that you need to maintain the quality of your spatial index yourself, but when I looked up the documentation for 11R2 I found a note that [url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/appdev.112/e11830/sdo_objtune.htm#CACHEDCG]SDO_TUNE.QUALITY_DEGRADATION has been deprecated because
            You should not use this function. It is not needed because Spatial indexes are self-tuning.
            Thatmust be new in 11R2 I suppose? I always used to set up a Job to keep an eye on the index for frequently changing tables, but that seems not to be needed anymore. So your answer is: No, you don't :-)

            You learn something new every day :-)

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              Thanks you all...
              I will alter my index only when the index is corrupt or if I receive any exception. I will also have an eye on the index_status and SDO_RTREE_QUALITY parameters.