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      Hi all,

      I want to limit a user to login only 1 session in the database. I think I can do this with user profile? Right?

      Thanks a lot
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          Niket Kumar

          create new profile with SESSIONS_PER_USER as 1.
          change user profile to new profile.....

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            graci :)
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              it did not work :( please help ....

              SQL> create profile user_profile2 limit SESSIONS_PER_USER 1;

              Profile created.

              SQL> alter user system profile user_profile2;

              User altered.

              SQL> show user
              USER is "SYSTEM"

              But when i login using another3 separate windows 3 times I can still login as system.
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                  Niket Kumar
                  No of Concurrent Sessions Per User  Mismatch with profile settings

                  you need to do:

                  alter system set resource_limit=true;
                  SQL> conn / as sysdba
                  SQL> alter system set resource_limit=true;
                  System altered.
                  SQL>  conn system/oracle@xe
                  ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit
                  Warning: You are no longer connected to ORACLE.
                  now its working

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                    KinsaKaUy? wrote:

                    How long have you been on this board? How many times have you read this:

                    Patience, Grasshopper

                    This forum is not a chat line, and it is not paid support.

                    Everyone here has a job for which they are paid, and this forum is not it.

                    No one is responsible for monitoring it and giving a quick response.

                    Furthermore, it is a global forum. The person with the information you seek may very well live 20 time zones away from you and was going to bed just as you posted. He will not even see your post for several more hours.

                    Your original post went up in the middle of the night for half the world.

                    *No one with the information you seek is deliberately withholding it until you sound sufficiently desperate.*

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                      Thanks Ed for the reminder, It is noted.