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    Doubts about installation and features

      I'm a newbie on WebCenter Portal Framework and I have to build a PoC with some features like CMS, online collab, chat, analytics, single sign on, search engine and two sites.However, I don't know what should be installed in order to provide all these features.
      Is there a integrated product suite or should I install WebCenter Content, WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Sites and WebCenter social separately ?
      Thanks a lot.
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          Daniel Merchán

          For your PoC first you need to know what you want exactly, web site? intranter portal?, collaboration?.

          If you want websites probably your solution is only WebCenter Sites.

          If you want "two sites" in a collaboration intranet your solution is WebCenter Portal : Spaces.

          In the case of WebCenter Portal : Spaces you need to install WebCenter Suite (includes WebCenter Content, Portal, Discussions, Activities, Portlets...).

          A PoC of your functionallity could be achieved by:

          - Use WebCenter Portal : Spaces and create two spaces to simulate your two sites.
          - CMS: Install and configure WebCenter Content for your WebCenter Portal : Spaces solution. Create one or two type of contents and create Content Presenter Templates to show them.
          - Collaboration: With WebCenter Portal Suite includes Collaboration Server based on Jive forums. Configure it for use it with WebCenter Portal : Spaces.
          - Chat: Read official documentation for how to integrate different chat providers to WebCenter Portal : Spaces.
          - Analytics; With WebCenter Portal Installation includes Activities Service. Configure the collector for WebCenter Portal : Spaces and show metrics with OOTB Task Flows.
          - SSO: Install Oracle OAM for SSO. Configure WebCenter Portal : Spaces for OAM SSO. You'll need webserver too (OHS or Apache).
          - Search: For a default search you can use WebCenter Default Search Adapter. If you need a powerfull search engine install Oracle SES (Secure Enterprise Search).

          I hope this help you.

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            Thanks a lot for your answer. It clarified me a way to go.
            In fact I need to build two websites with SSO between them and all those others features like simple Search Engine, Collaboration, Content Management, Portlets, Analytics and Page Content Edition.
            I'll run on top of Weblogic.
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              Daniel Merchán

              For Websites your solution is Oracle WebCenter Sites and not Portal.

              You can achieve all functionallity of your PoC with Oracle WebCenter Sites modules.

              Ask in WebCenter Sites forum. They will help you with WebCenter Sites (formerly Fatwire).

              WebCenter Sites

              I really don't know much about Sites but your PoC need next sites modules I think.

              - Install WebCenter Sites.
              - WebCenter Sites have own CMS.
              - WebCenter Sites Community Server for collaboration.
              - Analytics Server for analytics.
              - Chat don't know if provide a solution for it.
              - Search OOTB module in Sites.
              - SSO is being done through CAS Application.