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    Possible strategies for restoring a single tablespace from instance A to B

      Hi all,

      SO....: Win 7 64bits
      DB....: Oracle EE 64 bits

      In my notebook, i have 2 instances (orateste and ora11). They are all for testing purpose. I don't know what happened but, a problem in a partition of my SO made the Oracle software unavailable. I cannot start instance orateste. Even the windows service related to the instance have disappeared from services.msc. What i want to do is to restore only one tablespace from instance orateste to ora11. I have a full rman database backup from D-1. What are the possible solutions?

      1) Restore the entire database (orateste - to ora11(

      2) Is there a way to restore only one tablespace, between instances and versions?

      Thanks in advance.