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    WIP Edit - Field Refresh after paragraph replacement.

    Ken Waters
      Hi all,

      I was wondering if there is a config setting that will populate a field after adding a paragraph in WIP Edit.

      Currently, if the paragraph is initially triggered upon going to WIPEdit, the data mapped to it via DAL is populated.
      However, if that paragraph is not triggered, and then selected afterwards while in WIPEdit, replacing/apending the paragraph does not present the data that I would like in the field. Which makes sense... but now that leads me to believe there might be setting somewhere to have it refresh or something.

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          Bryan Burr-Oracle
          The data is populated to the fields on the forms when the transaction is processed and placed into Wip. After the initial population there is no refresh.
          If the field data is already in the document and is at an appropriate scope, then the data should populate in automatically. The easiest ones are “Form set global” fields. If the fields in the paragraph are set to global scope and the existing field in the document is global as well, then they will populate across forms. If you use form scope, then the two fields have to occur with the same form – they will not populate across forms. Section scope means that the field would already have to be on the section and also in the paragraph on the same section.

          If the paragraph you are including is adding a field for the first time within the document or within a certain scope, then there is no automatic population and no access to the original extract data, so the user would have to enter the field data manually.

          So you need to evaluate the scope of the field.


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            Ken Waters
            Aye, this is what I ended up doing. Thank you much