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        Hi Lavanya,

        Can you let us know the parameters that you have used for connecting using Beem client
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          Lavanya2 wrote:
          I have registered my android phone and received a mail from beehive team that they launched an IM client for Android users.

          As per the mail BEEM is the only certified/supported/approved method to send and receive Oracle instant messages on an Android device. Any other clients/applications that may be in use on the device are in violation of Acceptable Use Policy and must be uninstalled immediately.

          Followed the instructions at [BEEM on your Android device|http://my.oracle.com/site/pdit/BusinessOpsIT/Collab/BeemForAndroid] and it works like charm, loving it.

          Works great, thanks
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            I got Xabber to work, it has way better support for group chats.
            It was tricky to get set up, but it does work.

            Key settings seem to be
            Username: first.lastname

            Do not put @oracle.com after that

            Server: Oracle.com

            custom host checked
            host: stbeehive.oracle.com
            port: 5222 (this one supports TLS)

            Use SASL Auth checked
            TLS/SSL: Enable TLS
            Use Compression Unchecked

            Then it works, and is by far the best client I've seen so far.
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              Bill Lyons-Oracle
              Hooray! I just got Xabber working for Android as well. I'm an Oracle consultant based in the US. Here are my settings:

              Username: firstname.lastname
              Password: your email password
              Server: oracle.com
              Custom Host: Checked
              Host: stbeehive.oracle.com
              Port: 5223
              Resource: oracle_uid(stbeehive)
              Priority: 5
              Use SASL Authentication: checked
              TLS/SSL: Use legacy SSL
              Use compression: unchecked
              Store message history: unchecked

              There are probably variations of these settings that also work as well. If you read the posts above mine, you'll find some variations that may also work.

              Happy IM'ing!
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                Installed BEEM and it works perfectly fine.

                Though few challenges I faced while installing BEEM.

                1) The instructions at [BEEM on your Android device|http://my.oracle.com/site/pdit/BusinessOpsIT/Collab/BeemForAndroid] automatically redirects me to this page http://my.oracle.com/site/pdit/BusinessOpsIT/Collab/Initiatives/cnt1666885.htm.

                I had to manually stop the redirection by clicking on browser stop button.

                2) I see BEEM making connection on default port 5222, though as per previous updates XMPP (The beehive uses this chat protocol) by default is on TCP port 5222. This port is blocked on the Oracle firewalls and only 5223 port is available from Internet to the Oracle Network.

                On my PC I use port 5223 to connect and when I use 5222 connection fails, while on BEEM it is the other way around .

                On BEEM I tried to connect on port 5223 and the connection failed, I was only able to make successful connection only on default port 5222. This is weird.

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                  If you are having issues with the link, try this one instead:
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                    Ritesh Maddala

                    Guys the easy Steps to Login in Pidgin or Beehive Chat in Your Android Phone is Here


                    1. Download Xabber from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xabber.android&hl=en of-course its a free app. Install it and Open.

                    2. Open Settings

                    3. Goto XMPP accounts - Manage your Accounts

                    4. Add Account

                    5. Enter User name : username@oracle.com

                        Check - Store Password

                        Password           : ***********

                        Server                : oracle.com

                        Check - Custom Host

                        Host                  : stbeehive.oracle.com   

                        Port                   : 5223

                        Resource           : stbeehive

                        Priority               : 5

                        Check -  Use SASL Authentication

                        TLS/SSL Usage  : Select Legacy SSL


                    And Press Back Key


                    It will try to connect and it will definitely connect. Be sure to use your correct Oracle User Name and Password .


                    Now if You want to connect any chat room here is the trick


                    After Login into your chat account


                    1. Goto Options and select More.

                    2. Select Join Conference.

                    3. Enter the Following Details

                         Multi User Chat Server      : conference.oracle.com

                         Conference                      : name of chat room you want to join      

                         nick                                : name to be shown in chat room (normally user name)

                         Password                        : ********* (Oracle's Password)

                         Check - Join Conference


                         Save Conference


                    And you are done now.



                    Ritesh Maddala

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