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    how to install Oracle FM Forms 11g on client system.

    Mirza Zeeshan
      Problem 1.
      I have an weblogic server installed on a server, now i have to install oracle Forms 11g in client system. its ask me weblogic server path whatever i try, its ask weblogic on client. what is the solution how installation of Oracle 11g form connect with weblogic server."

      Problem 2.
      i have install 64-bit OS windows 7.
      1. I Installed JDK 6 (64bit).
      2. Installed Weblogic Server. (its work fine)
      3. Now i m installing Oracle forms 11g 64(-bit). its show me an error (INST-07407: Unable to detect machine platform or JVM bits)

      please help me out. waiting for your positive reply.