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    LDAP USER OS AUTHENTICATION ERROR (sqlplus / as sysdba)


      i have an ldao user which is dba and oinstall group member.

      [myuser@myhost ~]$ id
      uid=10031(myuser) gid=86(dummy) groups=86(dummy),500(oinstall),501(dba)

      I can not login sqlplus without password:

      [myuser@myhost ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba

      SQL*Plus: Release Production on Wed Jan 16 14:53:11 2013

      Copyright (c) 1982, 2011, Oracle. All rights reserved.

      ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

      Enter user-name:

      OS auth. is successful by the same grouped local user:

      [myuser@myhost ~]$ id test1
      uid=59831(test1) gid=86(dummy) groups=86(dummy),500(oinstall),501(dba)

      I think this problem occurs because of ldap user. So, we realize that somehow, sqlplus checks /etc/passwd for os user.
      Is there any sqlplus parameter for this problem or any other solutions??

      Answers will be appreciated, thanks very much.