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    Does BTM monitors database?

    Roshni Shankar
      Hi All,

      I am using BTM .Does BTM monitors Oracle Database? I have deployed a service in which a BPEL takes input from client and writes data in a database table. When I create a transaction for this service I am getting a flow where the last operation is database: port:sid/createConnection but from this we will can not ensure the entry of a row in database table so the last operation should be port:sid/executeQuery. But in the transaction flow it included only createConnection operation not the executeQuery operation. Also when I tried to add this operation executeQuery explicitly its not getting connected to the mail transaction flow. It is coming under the section "Operations left to correlate". Can anyone please tell me what can be the issue?

      Does BTM monitors databse? If not then how end-to-end monitoring can be done in BTM if it does not show the operation till executeQuery for database. Do I need to do some configurations?

      Please guide!!

      Thanks in advance!!