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    Planning Oracle RAC with ASM

      Hello Experts.

      Planning to build a RAC on following environment.

      Oracle Database Ver.:
      OS: Linux RHEL 6.1 - 64 Bit
      Servers: HP
      ASM and ACFS for storage.

      Please advise on planning guide/articles. Specially Hardware concerns such as interconnects speed.

      Thank you in advance:

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          Based on what you posted no one can advise you on interconnect speeds. How is anyone to know whether you could get by with 1GEth, need 10gEth with JumboFrames, or perhaps 40G InfiniBand.

          What you wrote is roughly equivalent to ... I need to move some stuff please tell me how to do it? We don't know if you are moving a ball of cotton or a submarine.
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            1) do NOT take short-cuts
            2) Actually READ the installation guides and follow them.
            3) most clusters will work with just GigE (min 1Gb/s)
            4) make sure you use a dedicated switch for the interconnect.
            5) read the instructions for configuring DNS for SCAN
            6) GOTO #1